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ZagTrader ZagTrader is a specialized Financial Technology company and service provider that provides its clients in the brokerage, investment banking, capital markets, and asset management with sophisticated solutions to run their business effectively.
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The price of trading in today's global economy is affected by a wide range of global regulations. Your firm must have an effective regulatory compliance that encompasses cross-asset class and cross-market trade surveillance, monitoring activities for market manipulation, fraud, behavioral patterning, and more. The Real-Time Surveillance Management System enables your firm to closely monitor a wide range of products to identify non-compliance issues and record activities. Our platform automate and validate oversite through:

  • Industry-leading detection algorithms that mitigate compliance risk
  • A modern and intuitive user interface that increases productivity and insight
  • Centralized case management and oversight that improves investigation effectiveness
  • A scalable, enterprise platform that supports the requirements of evolving regulations

Protect and Monitor your Trading

Create a safe ground from abusive behaviors and compliance obligations by increasing trade automation and market structure. The Real-Time Surveillance Management system demands sophisticated technologies for real-time alerting under high performance data management and analytics. Translate the rules and guidelines issued by the regulators into trading alerts that identifies potential abusive trading behavior. Enhance your crime detection, identify fraud more effectively and provide better services by using our Real-Time Surveillance Management System.