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ZagTrader ZagTrader is a specialized Financial Technology company and service provider that provides its clients in the brokerage, investment banking, capital markets, and asset management with sophisticated solutions to run their business effectively.
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Interactive Brokers conducts its broker/dealer business on over 125 market destinations worldwide. Interactive Brokers Group and its affiliates execute over 828,000 trades per day.

ZagTrader to Interactive Brokers Gateway benefits all the brokers and financial institutions that are connected with Interactive Brokers and managing multiple accounts but finds it challenging to run an operation just behind a trading screen.

Key Benefits

  • Managing your employees
  • Full privilege/permission system
  • Automation of clients onboarding
  • KYC
  • Document Management
  • Capabilities to route your orders to multiple destinations
  • Risk Management
  • Algo Trading


  • Front, Middle and Back Office
  • Multi Asset Class Support
  • Order Management and Trading
  • Structure Product
  • Corporate Action Management

API Connectivity

  • Fix Routing API: ZagTrader is connected with Interactive Brokers through the FIX routing APIs that are being offered for mass orders placements.
  • Proprietary APIs: ZagTrader is connected with the proprietary APIs that provide balances and positions for synchronization purposes. If your clients are opening up accounts with Interactive Brokers directly, you’ll be able to mirror the balances and positions into your ZagTrader portfolio.
  • Price Feed APIs: ZagTrader is connected with price feed APIs.

Grow Your Business

You could be working directly with Interactive Brokers on point to point bases where the only counterparty that is connected with ZagTrader is Interactive Brokers (one to one). But when you’re connected with ZagTrader, you’ll be able to connect to multiple destinations simultaneously. Subsets of your clients can reside on Interactive Brokers, while others can reside on other brokers or other counterparties around the world via routing networks or even point to point. If you’re running as an omnibus account, ZagTrader can manage everything without worrying about synchronization. The platform also allows you to put your own algorithmic trading options, be connected to global routing networks as a recipient of orders, your clients could be more sophisticated and send you FIX orders or API trading and you will able to manage that accordingly, the platform will manage the risk completely or you can use the risk management of Interactive Brokers and focus on execution management.