ZagTrader - Crypto Order Management System

ZagTrader ZagTrader is a specialized Financial Technology company and service provider that provides its clients in the brokerage, investment banking, capital markets, and asset management with sophisticated solutions to run their business effectively.
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ZagTrader Crypto Order Management System is the sole global trading platform that offers reports, accounting, and many rich back office features, in addition to its execution capabilities.

  • Comprehensive End-to-End Platform
  • Executions, Back Office & Accounting
  • Accept FIX Orders & Route to 100+ Exchanges
  • Institutional Grade Tools & Capabilities
  • Simplify On-Boarding, KYC, CRM & AML
  • Multiple Channels (Web, Desktop & Mobile)
  • Real Time Auto Arbitrage
  • Mass & Prorated Orders with system managed stops
  • Rich Management & Regulatory Reporting
  • From Front-Ends to Back Office/Accounting, you are in total control.
  • Full General Ledger Tightly Integrated Accounting System.
  • Native Support for Crypto Assets and other instrument types.
  • Advanced Pre-Trade Real-Time checks for orders based on business rules, accounting balances and trading rules
  • Easy Customizations - providing unparalleled flexibility to perform most complex scripted pre and post trade rules
  • Full Custody Management System - powered by the ZagTrader pre-integrated multi currency real-time ledger accounting system
  • Run your business on the best Institutional Platform.
  • Advanced online front-ends are standard.
  • Advanced Charting and Technical Analysis.
ZagTrader Crypto Order Management System
  • Sleek and modern trading platform
  • Real-time fast order execution
  • Multilingual, Multi Currency, Multi Exchange
  • Open architecture: allows seamless integration with any 3rd party solution.
  • Provides white label solutions to other financial institutions
  • Extensive user privilege capabilities
  • Real-time auto Arbitrage that will take advantage of the price differences based on crossed bid and ask prices in various exchanges!
  • Conveniently Hosted at Your Side with Zag Cloud


  • The most user-friendly interface for Crypto trading
  • Simple, convenient and effortless
  • High Scalability
  • Multi-Crypto Currencies and Multi-Markets
  • Helpful tools for a smooth start
  • Integrated with the top Crypto exchanges worldwide which results in availing most of the Cryptocurrencies out there to our clients under one single roof.
  • Real-time spreads across multiple Crypto exchanges
  • Advanced reports, accounting, and rich Back-Office features.
  • Crypto Portfolio Management: Users can invest their capital in different portfolio strategies or to build their own portfolio.
  • Pre-integrated with 1Broker , 1BTCXE , ACX , Allcoin , ANXPro , Binance , Bit2C , BitBay , , Bitfinex , bitFlyer , Bithumb , bitlish , BitMarket , BitMEX , Bitso , Bitstamp , Bitstamp , Bittrex , BL3P , Bleutrade , BtcBox , BTCChina , BTCExchange , BTC Markets , BTC Trade UA , BTCTurk , BTCX , Bter , , C-CEX , CEX.IO , CHBTC , ChileBit , coincheck , coinfloor , Coingi , CoinMarketCap , CoinMate , Coinsecure , CoinSpot , Cryptopia , DSX , EXMO , flowBTC , FoxBit , FYB-SE , FYB-SG , Gatecoin , , GDAX , Gemini , HitBTC , Huobi , Huobi CNY , Huobi Pro , Independent Reserve , itBit , , Kraken , Kuna , LakeBTC , LiveCoin , Liqui , luno , Mercado Bitcoin , MixCoins , Novaexchange , OKCoin CNY , OKCoin USD , OKEX , Paymium , Poloniex , QuadrigaCX , QRYPTOS , QUOINE , SouthXchange , SurBitcoin , Tidex , TheRockTrading , UrduBit , Vaultoro , VBTC , VirWoX , WEX , xBTCe , YoBit , YUNBI , Zaif
  • Exchanges Operating in: US, Panama, Australia, Canada, Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, New Zealand, China, Poland, EU, Indonesia, South Korea, UK, Russia, Seychelles, Mexico, Netherlands, Brazil, Japan, Philippines, Ukraine, Turkey, Iceland, British Virgin Islands, Thailand, Germany, Cyprus, Chile, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, India, Spain, Sweden, South Africa, Tanzania, France, Taiwan, Vietnam, Argentina, Venezuela, Malta, Pakistan, Switzerland, Austria


  • News feed
  • Value Analysis
  • Advanced Technical Analysis
  • Real-time charts with a list of technical indicators to choose from


  • Risk Management
  • Full Accounting General Ledger
  • Omnibus Setup -- Open your own brokerage or asset management and be the custodian of your clients
  • Multi Dimentional Back-Office to fully satisfy the needs of Exchanges, Brokerage and Asset & Portfolio Managers
  • Spread Management
  • Arbitrage
  • Wide Reporting Capabilities
  • Extensive Market Coverage
  • Custody Management System
  • Maintain Internal Segregation of Accounts
  • Accounts can trade using corporate omnibus main Keys, or each can have their own keys, or mixe and match

ZagTrader Crypto Order Management System

ZagTrader Crypto Order Management System

ZagTrader Crypto Order Management System

Why ZagTrader Crypto Order Management System?

ZagTrader Crypto Order Management System

ZagTrader Crypto Order Management System is a global pioneering, end-to-end and unique solution, consisting of front, middle, back office, risk management, spread management and arbitrage

  • Able to connect with all cryptocurrency exchanges worldwide, providing real-time data feed and a wide variety of cryptocurrencies across multiple exchanges
  • Executes trades in the world’s leading cryptocurrency exchanges
  • Ability to see all of your crypto wallets in one place under ZagTrader, or run a complex omni-bus setup for your clients
  • Get access to real-time spreads across multiple crypto exchanges with the ability to view these spreads under-real time charting and apply advanced technical indicators to help users find their ideal trading opportunities
  • Real-time charting for cryptocurrencies
  • All Back-office products and features are available for Crypto Currency.
  • Pre-calculated, ready-to-consume spreads and ratios of various cryptos such as, spreads between various instruments across various crypto exchanges. These spreads will have their own real-time values and real-time charts.